The Flying Postman

“I am very upset as the colors for the drawings are not the same as in the proofs sent to me.
For instance the yellow is an egg yolk yellow, a color that I would not dream of using.
The black outline is much too thick in some cases so that the people lose their character.(…) If the proofs had been like this I would have spoken about it straight away, but the proofs were excellent.
It seems wrong to send good proofs and make the book up differently.”

— Violet H. Drummond

The Flying Postman
Violet H. Drummond
Un livre Porpoise, West Drayton, 1948   
Collection dirigée par Grace Hogarth  
Imprimé en Angleterre par The Haycock Press Ltd.
180 x 212 mm.

PLUS LOIN : Où sont passé les Porpoise?  article paru dans la revue Strenæ